Services | Dental Cleanings

Scaling & Root Planing (Deep Cleanings)
Scaling & root planing is necessary if there is a large amount of plaque or calculus built up on the teeth. Scaling & root planing generally takes two appointments. Our hygienists, Karen & Kari, use local anesthetic to put the area to be cleaned asleep, which allows them to thoroughly clean the area without causing discomfort to our patients. Upon completion of the deep cleaning, maintenance cleanings are generally recommended every 3-6 months.

Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings
Periodontal maintenance cleanings are necessary after a patient has completed scaling and root planing. A periodontal maintenance cleaning is an advanced dental cleaning procedure that specifically targets plaque, bacteria, and tartar buildup along the surfaces of teeth to ensure healthy gums and teeth. Periodontal maintenance cleanings scheduled at a regular interval (usually every 3-6 months) are crucial to successfully managing and treating periodontal disease.